Virtual Consult


There are two steps and a couple of ways to get us your smile. All you need is your smartphone or a digital camera. Get a well-framed shot of your smile lined up…then take a single video – or 7 pictures.

Record Your Video

  • 1 - Close up smile
  • 2 - “Grimace”
  • 3 - Edge to edge (where your teeth are touching the tops and bottoms together on the front)
  • 4 - Right view
  • 5 - Left view
  • 6 - Upper arch (open your mouth and lower the phone or camera, capturing your upper teeth)
  • 7 - Lower arch (open your mouth and adjust the phone or camera, capturing your lower teeth)

See the sample videos below for reference.

Or Take Photos

If you have a friend helping you, have them help you take the 7 photos listed above. For reference, please see the video and sample photos detailed below.

Upload them to Beattie Orthodontics!

Next, just upload each picture to Beattie Orthodontics! Use the button below to upload.

    • Supported file types are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp4, heif, heic, hevc, mkv, mov, wav

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